Moving in together, his pets don’t play nice with others?

my boyfriend of two years and I are wanting to plan that next step. Moving in. Problem is that he has two dog aggressive dogs. His two dogs even have to be split up.
i have a dog and cat who get along with anybody and anything.
he thinks the best plan is to give my cat to my brother (which he would never take him because he’s allergic), and keep his least aggressive dog and my dog.
i don’t think that I should have to rehome a fuzzy family member that isn’t the one with an issue, but I feel guilty because I can’t imagine having to rehome a pet to move in together...
Moving in together, his pets don’t play nice with others?
Keep the dog and cat who get along with anything and anyone
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Boyfriend has to keep aggressive dog elsewhere or adopt out
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DEAL BREAKER. Sucks on both ends, no one wins, someone will always be resentful.
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Get rid of the cat
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I have tried to help him with tips and even doing training with our two dogs together. She makes some progress but then bites at my dog and I don’t want to allow my dog to get bit, not guna happen! I then asked him to learn and teach the dog muzzle training so that we could have them with each other for their meet ups so that there would be no harm possible. He refused to muzzle train her and doesn’t feel it necessary...
8 d
Thank you all for the feedback. I do see my pets as being the victims as they are well trained and very easy going. To say that I need to rehome my cat for the possibility of our two dogs getting along simply isn’t fair. It’s also not even very likely that his dog could ever be trusted alone with mine. As I’ve said, I hate to be the reason that someone has to get rid of a pet, but it was his choice and ignorance to not properly train and socialize the dogs. I shouldn’t have to pay the price.
Moving in together, his pets don’t play nice with others?
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