What would you do?

I think the guy i was with is in a gang. Or has association's with gang members.
We are now broken up, but he threatened me with. Wherever you are I will know.
In our time together, he asked to hold money for him. At the time he told me it was money he was saving to send to guyana to his mum.
Another time he told me i could no longer stay at his because after an altercation with a couple of boys in a supermarket they came looking for him but stabbed his best friend in his flat (mistaken identity).
He convinced me that he wanted to marry me and took me engagment ring shopping. We later agreed to want to start a family. When i fell pregnant he accused me of cheating and suggested I abort.
He would often turn up drunk on the weekends late at night/early morning banging down my front door. Accusing me of cheating and threatening to kill whoever i was with.
He often wanted to engage in rough s*x, attempting to sodomise me that i didn't consent to, but he stopped when i threatened him, flipping over in the bed, with my hands to his throat.
He once pushed me out the bed as he thought i was cheating, when i cleared my browsing history, where i hit my head on the wall.
I was suffering a migraine and he waa desperate for s*x, despite me saying no he proceeded to penetrate me, until i shouted out stop!
He left me there as he accused me of being dirty,(i hadn't had a bath) we later discovered I had meningitis.
Im only alive as my mum found me.
He tried to get me to take what we now know is fake viagra.
I have had 5 unborn children in total, abortion and miscarriages.
His latest attempts was to have a threesome with his best friend, i declined he suggested i find the guy so i said i would, to get him to drop it but he kept pushing.
On the 3rd weekend of him calling at all hours to come over he told me he had a guy with him for me to sleep with, he begged me to let him come over. We argued but i told him to stay where he is. He text in the am to say he had slept (c update)
8 d
in his car.
Either he's involved in a gang, or he's mentally ill. im glad to be away from him and his sick ways.
he's been chipping away at my confidence and intimidating me.
I don't feel able to report him either as i may be seen as having encouraged him. When i thought mostly we were role playing. The s*x was great between us when it was good and i was convinced i loved him. When we split his lack of feedback left me questioning if I was the one that was thinking the worst.
What would you do?
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