Ladies, am I undatable? 🤔?

I am homeless
I am a nomad
I have no job
Currently no vehicle

And I have no intention of changing any of those thing.. Except the vehicle part... Though id rather have a motorcycle...

I'm also extremely unconventional in my mannerisms, mentality, personality, and lifestyle.
I am entirely and quit unapologeticly myself.

While I dont have the worldly hallmarks of the ideal match. I am extremely kind, patient, understanding, loving, and honorable. (Though I do have my own sense of what honorable means) I have immense emotional control and maturity. I am fully confident in myself.

Im also intelligent, creative, resourceful, and capable. I survive anywhere I am. Be it wilderness or city. And I take pretty decent care of myself.

Personally I feel that I posses those traits which make for an ideal partner. But I can't operate in society, or really by its rules.

I dont like a comfortable life. I like adventure. I like risk and not knowing.

So I'm just curious.. Am I someone you would consider undatable?

(And this one is mainly for the ladies. But guys, feel free to drop your opinions too.)

And be fully honest, lol
You're not gonna hurt my feelings.
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Ladies, am I undatable? 🤔?
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