Friendly Advice and Conversation or a Bad Attempts at Flirting?

I was hanging out with a friend I've known for awhile and we started talking about tattoos and piercings. I have a belly peircing already and showed him then I was telling him about the tattoo I want, a galaxy/space tattooed up my left side and I jokingly said if a guy actually saw me naked they could say they saw the galaxy on me. He laughed a bit and said "that's actually sounds pretty hot on you." I laughed about it and went on to tell him that I also want a compass on me since I love traveling and I have no where to put it. He suddenly was giving advice to put it on my back or chest or maybe near my belly button/pelvis which I took in consideration but also shrugged off.

The next conversation we had is I was asking him if he liked gambling and maybe we could go to Vegas one day he agreed and I said jokingly I'm gonna have to find one of those black skin tight dresses that go all the way to the floor and he replied that he would come in rags and as I started laughing then he said "Well it would match. The Princess and a Trashcan"

Are these shotty attempts of flirting y'all? I honestly have no idea since this happened last weekend, and this was a shower thought right now so it hasn't been on my mind much except for right now.
Friendly Advice and Conversation or a Bad Attempts at Flirting?
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