Oh my god, I wet the bed, HELP?

Well this is absolutely horrible.
I live with my boyfriend so we obviously share a bed.
Last night I remember having a dream where I really had to pee very badly and I actually went to the toilet in my dream.
Well, while I was having this dream I actually wet the bed and I'm not talking about a little damp patch here. It looked as though I had actually emptied my whole bladder while I was having the dream.

My boyfriend woke me up and told me and I've never been so ashamed in my life. It was like 3am and I was up putting the sheets in the laundry and crying out of embarrassment at the same time. I feel so bloody stupid right now.
My boyfriend didn't say a lot, like he wasn't angry. He seemed more confused and half asleep.
Im really panicking about what is going through his head, we haven't really been together that long.

Help me out here, Whats he thinking?
Oh my god, I wet the bed, HELP?
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