Is it a date? or jus friends hanging out?

Okay so this guy (gon call him Han Solo) has been asking to go out wit him and just chatting me up since December last year. A month ago he started asking me to hang wit him.

I don’t even wanna be friends with him, sad to say, but anybody would say the same thing.
y we don’t vibe:
a dealer ( weed )
friends r trash (some in jail, some involved in gang shi, In fights)
Smoke way more weed than I’d like him too
Bad temper n jealousy
Doesn’t keep up to date wit school
bad reputation

It began to annoy me wit his txting and one of my guy friends mentioned that it almost sounded like a booty call. I thought to myself well shi, I’m leading him to believe that then aren’t I? So I called Han Solo and told him that I ain’t want no commitment, no relationship, Shi I ain’t even wanna be mates with him outside of school!

Moron ain’t get my message, some shi happened fast forward to yesterday. Told him that after we was supposed to hang out I was gonna catch up with a m8, I barely see her and she is such a sweet girl that is sooo chill and her vibes are 🤩 apparently not mentioning I was gon see a homegirl was my mistake?

Yo he drove me crazy sayin I was lying and I was just gon dip on him after 3 hrs? he so damn convinced that I was gonna see my ‘mans’. Seriously I was gonna lose it, told him to cry bout it coz end of the day idc id rather go see a real friend than some guy who apparently wanna be ‘friends’.

text him a whole paragraph explaining I don’t wanna chill wit him, he called and he convinced me to giv him a chance as a friend.

Anyways we r going out but apparently is not a ‘date’ n that he would do this for any friend. But yo who would even pay for my dinner and even pay for an Uber there?

I asked his friend coz I’m friends wit him also. His friend made it convincing, he said not tell Han Solo that he even mentioned him liking me.

Man I’m 16 I ain’t need this stress, also starting my period soon 😭😰
Is it a date? or jus friends hanging out?
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