Reviving old friendship... is it worth it?

I was best friends with a guy through college - literally. He got me though college when I am 99% sure without him I would of dropped out. We crossed the line in our friendship towards the end of college and with events in the world (9/11) happening days afterwards, we both emotionally were a mess and nothing was never the same. We reconnected years later for a bit and while it was nice and things were seeming to get back on track with the friendship... unfortunately emotions got in the way, I said my piece, and he ghosted.

More than one mutual friend has insisted that we try to reconcile. I still feel very hurt by him ghosting on the friendship and am unsure of reaching out. We are much older now and (I hope) more emotionally stable.

Should I bother reaching out?
Reviving old friendship... is it worth it?
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