Is it normal to feel like you’ll end up single?

Like I don’t feel, I know. I’ve been single my whole life. I have no friends and never been in a real relationship.

I don’t think I’m ugly or it has to do with my looks. Everyone I know, their partner kind of fell in their lap. No blind dates or apps, it happened naturally.

I’m 25. I’ve tried every app and no luck. People I know met their partners through the apps too though. Like it just doesn’t seem like it will happen at this point. I’m told that it will happen when I least expect it, let it find me etc. And don’t say I’m young, a lot of people meet their HS Sweethearts.

So, I stay to myself and it hasn’t happened yet. You’re telling me that I cannot attract a guy I find physically attractive? I know personality counts but so does looks. Anyone sympathize?
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Is it normal to feel like you’ll end up single?
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