Can any girl give me an explanation on her behavior?

So I have this close friend I went on holidays with recently. It was us and a couple in a villa.
So they took the the top floor, and we took the bottom one. Ou room was like a big open space, with a sliding door in the middle she just asked le to let open; as I proposed to close in order for her to have her privacy.
As soon as we arrived, she told me she had forgotten her pj, and so she would need one of my t-shirt to sleep in. She slept in it and only her panties for the rest of the trip.
We went to the pool and took some pics, and she got pissed that I took some of our friend and not her, while she didn't ask me too.
She then asked to borrow one of my sweater, bc she was cold. She fell in the water asked me for another one.
She kept on borrowing my clothes during the trip.
As one night she heard noises and got scared, she asked of she could sleep with me, because it would reassure her. I said ok, and from this point on she didn't return got her bed once.
She asked me for cuddles, massages and scratches on her back.
As I once said my back hurt and that I needed a massage, she said well you know I can give you one, because I give really good ones. I refused because din't want to have her sitting on my back.
In front of everyone, she asked me to scratch her back or give her massages.
She also got pissed when I wasn't spending time with her, or when her friends got close to me.
While we were on the boat, I stayed on to tan a bit, and dove in just to refresh myself. She kept on asking me to join her in the water... Her friend replied to her well he's taking pics of me, so just wait a bit. She then said: " Well you're lucky at least he takes pics of you!".
And o course, given all the tension we fought at the end, resulting in her blocking me on what's app yet still watching my stuff on instagram.
The issue I'm having here is that she keeps on insisting that she sees me as friend, yet she keeps on blurring the boundaries more and more. Why?
Can any girl give me an explanation on her behavior?
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