Keep him or leave him?

My husband of 2 years does not contribute financially to any household bills. He pays his own bills, his CC, his vehicle, and once in a while buys groceries. When we met, he lived on his own, paid his own rent, etc and moved into my home, which I already owned (with a mortgage). We've made some large purchases together, furniture and what not, that we agreed to split, however, I'm the only one making the payments because he says he doesn't have any extra. I pay all utilities, all cable/internet, everything.
I also work 40 plus hours a week, and get works construction, so many days he doesn't work because of the weather, while I go to work rain or shine because I have no choice.
Honestly, I'm fed up. So, would you call it quits, or suck it up?
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Keep him or leave him?
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