Help I am Falling Out of Love to my Boyfriend?

I fall out of love suddenly to my boyfriend when we decided to move in together , it's because he was pressuring me to pay for almost of the bills.
When I am unable to give him, he become distant and insulting me for being irresponsible.
He always complain when he pay bigger than me.
And, actually he just let me stay on his house because his roommate before left him and he is now alone paying his bills. Sometimes it makes me feel that I am not his girlfriend but rather a person who he only treat as roommate and to pay for rent.

We have been together for 10 months now, but still I found him chatting to different girls.
I don't know what is his real intentions are for them and also to me.
I sometimes think he is a con artist man who only think about making himself comfortable and survive. Worst is that, I caught him cheating having sex to some girl in our house. He taught I was still at work. Now, I am worried whenever I am not in house and what he has been doing.

My boyfriend also just stays at home and only knows how to do illegal jobs like scamming people. He can't also apply to other jobs because of his bad records. So he just stays lying on bed, hanging out with people, smoking, drinking, watching porns, playing games. He can't even clean house and often blame me why its dirty even if I am very tired from work. He always ask me to cook for him and clean house properly while he is doing nothing just chatting to these stupid different girls, chatting to his co-scammers friends and watching entertainment videos.
I realized this is not the man I want and maybe he is really a handsome guy but his attitude has nothing to offer to me.

Before I was really so blinded by him, even if people have been saying I am too good for him. I never listen to them and defended him that he is a good man.

I don't know but whenever I see him, I feel like I am just wasting time on him.
Needed advise from people, Help I am Falling Out of Love to my Boyfriend?
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I have given my everything to him even if sometimes my wallet is broke already because I keep buying foods for him. When he was away , I realized I eat better and save better
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I just felt pity when he can't pay his house and don't have enough to eat food and survive.
I am willing to help him but I always caught him cheating and his behavior frustrates me. I realized he is not my reponsibility in the end
Help I am Falling Out of Love to my Boyfriend?
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