He Slept With My Friend, Now won't Leave me Alone. HELP!

I live across the street from this cute guy, we were never really friends up until a couple months ago.

The other day my phone rang, and it was my girlfriend telling me she slept with him, I ignored him, and tried to figure out what to do. The next morning my girlfriend texted me and told me it was all a joke, and so did he, he texted me explaining to me that it was a joke and he is sorry, and he told me everything they did together (as in that night)

I forgot about it, believed it and moved on, but then yesterday I got a text from him asking me if I wanted to go to the gym, and hang afterward, I was really excited because this was his first time asking me out somewhere, after all the stupid fighting.

I agreed, then an hour before we were supposed to leave I saw a text on my phone, saying he was not gonna go and that he was gonna skip, angered I made other plans, as I was getting ready, his home is across from mine, and I see him in the window sleeping with another girl!

ANGERED I deleted him off of facebook, and he has not stopped trying to get in contact with me, poking me on facebook, sent me a text what is going on why did you delete me, what did I do, then he texted me again today and goes "when you stop acting like your three years old, I wanted to let you know I am going to the gym tomorrow" I didn't answer, and he keeps trying to get in contact with me, before all this stuff went down I thought he liked me, does he still like me, why is he acting all odd,sleeping with other girls then contacting me
He Slept With My Friend, Now won't Leave me Alone. HELP!
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