Do you know how to fight fair?

What inspired me to write this q is coming across a video I had saved from a renowned psychologist about male/female romantic relationships, but I want to phrase this question more broadly so that everyone can play.
Do you know how to communicate well when angry, in general? Could be with anyone - friends, family, work associates, romantic partners, even strangers.

I'll define some examples:
1. Do you stick to the present issue at hand, or do you 'kitchen sink' it, have a list at the ready, look back to find proof of past transgressions, and pull in all past mistakes and infractions?
2. Do you focus on the specific behaviour, or do you launch into a broader critique of the character of the person? Do you 'character assassinate'? If you speak specifically of the behaviour, you are giving them something dignified to hold onto, which they can then take responsibility (and potentially apologize) for, while still feeling that you like and respect them otherwise.
3. Are you hyper-critical and have unrealistic expectations, or can you accept them as flawed but still lovable?
4. Do you more readily list all their flaws, but ignore or refuse to acknowledge their good traits?
5. Do you make them feel more valued, adequate and capable, or devalued, inadequate, and inept?
6. Are you more often listening or talking, or is it balanced?
7. Do your emotions get the best of you? Do you often escalate, or do you remain calm?
8. Do you inject subtext to every argument, or are you able to avoid searching for hidden meaning?
10. Are you instantly reactive, or do you try and absorb and think about what they are saying? Do you jump to conclusions, or do you really understand what they are trying to convey?
11. Do you repeat the same patterns, or ask yourself, 'What can I do differently here to get past this impasse?'
12. Do you use "always" and "never" often, or more nuanced, moderate or precise words?
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Do you know how to fight fair?
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