Are the ugliest people the only ones who find true love?

I get the feeling that most people are delusional. Most people wish they could have a top 1% partner. But nobody wants to admit it.

We whine and cry about how horrible the opposite sex is. Meanwhile the majority of that sex is just fine.

We just aren’t willing to settle for less until we are old enough to realize we have no chance with that top 1%

The only happy couples I ever see are also the least attractive. It’s like if you’re ugly as hell, you already know you can’t even have an average partner, so you just say fuck it and seek someone out purely based on love and not on looks or status or whatever silly thing we think makes someone extra attractive.

And hot people? Oh god. It seems to me like hot girls are constantly running through guys. A new boyfriend every two weeks. A new heart break every two weeks. Fucking around with hot guys with nothing going for them but being hot. And the hot guys, they just have sex with as many girls as they can, but they become depressed because they can’t connect or find love fucking all these sluts. And the sluts, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. I don’t like to think that a girl who is a slut is somehow messed up, because I suppose feminism has taught me that’s wrong. But apparently slutty girls ARE fucked in the head and thats why all these hot people can’t find happiness.

Then there’s all the average people, wishing they could have a hottie. It’s a waste of time. Someone average will make you happy why can’t you settle for average?

Even these loser ass neck beard guys who are fat and smelly and lazy with no social skills won't settle. And the ugly fat smelly girls I know get mad dick from every guy they can, and for some reason guys are so desperate for sex that they actually fuck these hulking disgusting fat smelly beasts of women.

Man, I don’t know. Wtf is wrong with people? Lol..
Are the ugliest people the only ones who find true love?
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