What is your opinion on asking for an explanation to the person who ghosted you?

This is a general question. I have read and heard different opinions on the matter, so what are your thoughts of it.

There are some people who say that if a person ghosted you it is for a reason and you don’t have to ask that person the reason for doing it, even if you will be in doubt your whole life if you did or did not do something wrong or there were no warning signs or red flags before, for that person to decide to stopped contacting you.

Others say that if you were ghosted you have the right to know what went wrong, especially when those two people had known for several years already it is not some chick the guy met some months ago and had nothing in common, it is the polite and courteous way to do it and be honest about it. Is not fair the person just walks away and be like a stupid coward and hide like that unexpected and out of the blue and don’t tell you what happened.

A quick example a friend of mine got ghosted this year after knowing the guy for 4 years. and been on dates and also saw each other on social family gatherings and behave normally, chit chat laugh joke talk, even had sex on some personal dates with him, etc. the guy never gave him an explanation nothing, he just stopped communicating with her over text, out of the blue and suddenly, even if they were not a couple or dating often.

She was a bit disappointed he did that as there were never warning signs or red flags something was going bad, any of that. The guy one regular day over text while they were texting each other normal, he blocked her from his text app and days later he stopped talking to her, no explanation, no motive nothing. Because of this, well my friend stopped communicating with him as his ghosting meant he did not want anything to do with her anymore, even if there were no warning signs of things going bad for him to do that in the past also he never explained her anything on why.
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Now my friend is kind of bummed at this because she believes she never did anything wrong and she would had wished he could have told her what went wrong and the supporters that a person need to give a reason why, had told my friend that she should had ask him directly and not only that but let him know that she still wants to communicate with him and see she still interested because since guys do not take hints, my friend silence to him
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all this time could indicate to him she is no longer interested therefore the guy already is seeing other chicks, because my friend went silent since he ghosted her but it was the guy who ghosted her not her to him. Like saying if you want something you have to go after it, be noticed and make a move, don’t keep quiet. My friend had not contacted him because he was the one who ghosted her 5 months ago anyway..
What is your opinion on asking for an explanation to the person who ghosted you?
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