Should I talk about o her about being distant or should I just give her more time?

This girl and I have been talking for months and went on a few dates that went well. At the end of August I went off to school about 2 hours away and the night before I left we got a hotel room and had a nice intimate night just the two of us

About two to three weeks ago she started to get a little distant. She will take much longer to answer and her answers weren’t as enthusiastic. After a few days I asked if everything is alright. She said she was good just busy. I let it go and continued to talk to her like normal.

She’d always like it when I’d joke around with her and ask her personal questions and she still does but now she’s still taking a distance approach to it. It seems like that every few days or so she’ll almost act like she did in the past. She’ll ask me questions and add emojis and exclamation marks to her sentences then the next day or something she’ll go back to being distant.

We’ve been talking almost every day since July so I don’t know if one of the reasons why she’s distant is because we’ve talked so much. I really like her and care about her and I know at least at the time of our hotel date she wants to be with me but just needs a little more time to get over her ex because they broke up in June. That’s why I thought the distance and the time apart would be good for us so she could have time to get over him and we could just talk

I really do like taking with her but I was thinking about seeing if she wanted to take a break from talking to try and get the spark back or just try and talk to her about how she’s been distant and not really seeming like she wants to talk. I don’t want to come off clingy or like I have to be constantly talking to her. I’m just wondering what I should do?
Should I talk about o her about being distant or should I just give her more time?
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