Boyfriend reaction to discussions about girl he works with, whats your thoughts please?

My partner and I often have heated arguments in regards to girl he works with and their relationship.
I can't seem to have decents conversations about how uncomfortable I am because he gets super angry, they always end in argument's and basically are not pleasant.
He told me he would stop his outside of work conversations, but I know this hasn't changed. I can't tell him what to do, I just say how I feel.
Last night at work mates house for drinkies, one of the his work mates said he thinks this girl has the hots for him and he would shag her wouldn't like a relationship etc, he said that she's flirting and put it out there to him..
This morning my man said to me, can you believe he said that about this girl, he's so full of shit, she's not in to him and that she had a conversation with my man telling him that this work mate recently asked het about being friends with benefits.
I responded that i believe him not her and think she's full of shit, she's a flirt that gives lots of innuendo vibes to guys.
He then responded really angry, told me to "shut the fuck up and he doesn't want to talk to me, and I dont like her blah blah".
I then reminded him that in the past she has blantantly lied to him saying I said something that I never said, that she makes up shit and is trouble.
He stopped talking to me, then left to get his car using my car to get his car that was left at his mates (he left driving like a lunatic), he came back with the mate driving his car and has left without sayinganything to me.
I'm like really trying to keep trying to deal with these crazy reactions everytime, I feel like he defends her and seems more worried about her feelings than mine.
Whats your thoughts, I'm starting to wonder how I see this all and if I need to get a new perspective, or am i justified in these thoughts of not being happy with the whole situation.
Thoughts please, outside looking in...
Boyfriend reaction to discussions about girl he works with, whats your thoughts please?
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