MY girlfriend IS A PSYCHO?

My girlfriend and I have been together 7 years. She is 23 and I’m 24. I love her very much. She’s always been controlling but lately it’s gotten out of control. There’s a friend of mine, a friend I’ve known longer than I’ve known her who is like family to me that she cannot stand. Let’s call him jeffrey. Her reason for not liking him is “He takes up too much of my time”. Literally any time I make plans to hang out with this friend, she gets upset. She’s even gone as far as blocking his number so I can’t call or talk to him. The other night I was going to meet up with him and as I told her she started crying and told me how she feels like all I want to do is hang with my friends and never make time for her. I ended up not going because she was crying. It’s like if I’m hanging out with anyone but her she gets upset. A few nights ago I was hanging out with this friend and she texts me and tells me she’s been in a fight, instead of calling her I texted and asked what happened, no answer from her. 30 mins later she texts back saying “Go and hang out with Jeffrey tmm, I know you would rather hang out with him instead, you have more fun with him anyway. Enjoy your weekend”. So she cancels our weekend plans because I was hanging with my friend and didn’t rush to her aid as soon as she mentioned a fight she’s had. I even just found out she’s blocked him AGAIN. Not sure what to make of this anymore..
I love her but I love my best friend too. Be brutally honest guys.
MY girlfriend IS A PSYCHO?
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