My family disapproves of my boyfriend?

I have an indian boyfriend. He's so sweet and caring and we've been in a relationship for 3 years. My friends like him and his family and friends like me as well. It's just that my family daoesn't like my boyfriend just because he's indian and they think indians are perverts and they're ugly. But he has a stable job and is a hardworking man, I don't want to lose him. My family keeps on saying bad stuff about him and even my family said I'm stupid for dating him and they disrespected his family by saying they're low class. What should I do now?
Stop caring about what they say.
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30 d
They even told me this. "I never raised a son who's a prostitute, if you want to be with that pervert then leave this house because I don't accept prostitutes and filthy people." Guys, I don't know if I should just live with my boyfriend since his family loves me too but mine only wants what's best for them. And they even called me a prostitute for loving an Indian because they keep judging him. Like it's not his fault he's stereotypes as a stinky guy. He showers regularly and dresses well.
30 d
My family disapproves of my boyfriend?
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