Mixed Signals or overanalysing? My friend with benefits is acting strange?

Background, I’ve been sleeping with my friends with benefits for almost a year ( went on a date and been seeing each other since) . He goes away for work a lot and I’m in uni and work 6 days a week. After 5 months we had the ‘talk’ were things were going with us and at the time I said I was happy with our arrangement of hanging out and hooking up without the attachment and he said he couldn’t see himself in a relationship with me. Lately I’ve noticed odd things and I feel like I’m getting mixed signals if he wants to be more or not. It was little things at first, xx at the end of texts telling me to sleep well, asking me about uni in detail other then the polite way, kissing and hugging me goodbye when I leave and always asking me to text him when I get home “ so I know you’re safe” and a few times said I could spend the night ( I did a few times in the beginning before our talk) or has talked about me staying the night, eventually. A few weeks ago he suddenly asked me if I’m seeing anyone else, besides one awful date I said I haven’t as I’ve been flat out. I asked him the same, he said there was a girl he’s had a on off casual thing for years that he thinks she wants to be more ( but She still wants see other people so poly I guess?) in his home town. Suddenly he’s telling about other girls he slept with recently, but the way he talked about it was like he was trying get a reaction or something as when I left it was followed with a kiss goodnight and to send him a text I made it home. The next time I saw him I asked if he was going to go for it with the girl ( I don’t want to be in the way of a relationship ) and he said he was just going to see what happens and not worry about it. Just wing it. Now I’m just confused what is happening as it seems like he wants to be more but seems like he doesn’t. I should note that he’s a wonderful and kind guy and he’s never been a jerk once since we’ve met. Any insight would be appreciated as I’m very bad at figuring these things out for myself.
Mixed Signals or overanalysing? My friend with benefits is acting strange?
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