Why is my wife always angry?

My wife and I have been married for 4 years now and we have a lovely 1 year old daughter. We live with our parents and brother and his wife. All get along really well. My wife has quit her job to take care of our daughter till she is 2 years old.
The problem is that recently whenever I come back home, my wife is sitting with a sad mood while our little one is roaming around her talking in her gibberish language. Whenever I ask her what's the matter, she just says nothing or that she will be fine. When i persisted, she told me she had a problem with my mom telling her what to do with our daughter. Now my mom is like that but she doesn't mean any harm and even my wife knows that. But seeing my wife like that makes me feel disappointed every time like I am not a good husband. Once I even talked to my mom about not nagging my wife for small things but my wife got upset with me and told me never to do it again. Now i am helpless but desperate. I don't want to see my wife angry or sad almost everyday. Help!
Why is my wife always angry?
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