How do men become smitten for a girl?

I never experienced dating with a boyfriend.
I see guys with girl daily and date to zoo, beach, movie, go to girlfriend home, meet family , eat , mall, shop, errands, buy market together, do everything with girl I don’t get how?
What makes men do all that?
I been on dates past years wen I was 17-20 but with guy friends I made from warehouse jobs but since 21 and now I’m 22, I can’t get a boyfriend men either have girlfriend of close to 30 and want be free or want hot tall model girl or clubs. I’m not ugly but short and have squeaky voice like little girl but im a woman I don’t need be tall
To be a woman.
I want guy come to my home and see movie on couch and guy with me at family parties & men don’t want do anything. I see men with girl at parties and at girls home and I’m like why? I’m girl that always wanted be girl with a man never single and I’m single I fight with parents daily I’m tired to go to bros home every weekend and holiday , I want my own life with a guy! 😞 I want Taste it show family a man next to me! 😞 I just work on my business and go to business events and I’m empty in depression.
How do men become smitten for a girl?
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