Is she really care? or Am I doing wrong by her?

I'll be open with what you will read

She is lovely she cares about me, we've been together for 1 year and 4 month and my feelings changed with time, and the sex was regular like any couple and now once a month the last time we didn't it we didn't even finish she got dry and told me it hurts then i stopped then she cried which i understand and i don't know if she still love me tho she is still act like it , she is working now to help me , because before I had money to cover all the expenses even tho i was telling her before to get a job to help me , she will find a job then she will quit until the last time when i really got a problem I started losing my money she got a job and started helping me but still I'm paying some as well , now I'm on the edge maybe one more month and I'll lose everything I have and she is my only hope without her I won't be able to pay the rent even.

-All this time by somehow i was thinking if she is using me or she really cares?

-I don't know if this relationship will work out !

- I'm a foreigner in her country which make everything hard for me even finding a job.

-I'm planning to leave the country but that's not easy when you have nothing and your origin country in civil war.

-I don't know if i'm the one how is wronging her? tho i feel bad don't know why thinking this way about her.

*Is she really care?
*should i just let her to leave?
*Am I doing wrong by her?
*What should I do if my feelings are wrong?
Is she really care? or Am I doing wrong by her?
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