Is it wrong to not speak to my boyfriend for a few days?

My boyfriend often inconveniences me when we make plans. For example, we’ll make plans to meet at a certain time (we often make our plans a week in advance) but when the day comes and it’s time for us to meet up he’ll push back the time a few hours (last minute). Or on other occasions, he’ll decide to do something right before we’re supposed to hang out without letting me know so I end up waiting outside of his house for an hour. We’ve had multiple conversations about how this upsets me and how it’s a waste of my time and my gas. I work full time and go to school full time but because I love him I make time for him. He does this very often, at least once a week. Last night he did it once again. We were supposed to meet at his house at a certain time when I got off work but he got drunk with his friends and couldn’t drive there so I had to drive to his friends house (who lives 10 minutes from him and in the direction I just came from🙄). When I find him he’s throwing up all over the place and still expecting me to stay and hang out with him. At this point I’m tired of talking to him about the same thing over and over. I’m very frustrated so I’ve decided to take some space. Would it be wrong for me not to speak to him for a few day? He’s well aware why I’m pissed and he says he won’t do it again but this is the third time we’ve had the same conversation. I want to show him that I’m serious and will not tolerate him wasting my time. What are your thoughts?
Is it wrong to not speak to my boyfriend for a few days?
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