Narcissists Ex stole something of mine?

I am breaking up with my ex. He has stolen many things and taken lots of money. I dont expect or want any of those things back, I have gotten over it. However he does have one thing of mine that was given to me by my grandfather, a golf club. My grandfather passed and Im taking it back (I must have it back) . I told him I wanted it back and he is lying about it (go figure) I not tryna deal with him and his problems no more I just want my one fucking thing back. He said "I brought it from the shop to your house that's mine, how you gonna tell me"

how do I deal with crazy cus that shit belongs to me from my house its mine. I dont know if he thinks he can convince me he's telling the truth or if he really believes it himself. Nacrissitic guys please please please help me out cus I'm getting pissed off
Narcissists Ex stole something of mine?
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