Am I better off alone?

This doesn't just apply to my love life, but my normal life with relationships overall except for with my family.

I feel as though I rub people the wrong way, even when I am not talking to them. I try to be social and talk to new people, but it seems like they are not interested or look at me like I am awkward. Which more or less makes me just keep my mouth shut and stay reserved in public and social places.

It has really messed with my head and I don't even know if it is me creating some sort of vibe or subtle body language I am giving off or of it is people, but I really think it is me. Especially when trying to make new friends my age.

It is hard for me to be vulnerable or open up to people because I have been abandoned and betrayed by people who I thought were my friends. I still try because of potential, but I feel as though I come off as socially awkward.

I feel more at peace alone, but I still feel the need to connect with others to stay and feel normal from time to time, but ultimately I wonder if I am just not meant to have any good connections with people and solitude is my only choice.
Am I better off alone?
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