Mixed emotions/Should I Break Up With Him?

Long story short me and my current boyfriend have been dating for 3 years in total, I was head over heels for him. I went away for school in January and ended up meeting a guy in which I had an immediate connection with. I did end up cheating and my boyfriend knows and we were broken up from Feb-July but got back together. The thing is I dont feel the same way towards my boyfriend as before, I find I get really annoyed with him more, pick out all his flaws and even dont find sex the same. I dont enjoy it at all. I dont know what to do because he's a really sweet guy and i dont want to make another mistake. How do I know what I want? P. S the other guy is not in the picture anymore we live in different provinces and lets just say I ended up hurting his feelings too by getting back with my boyfriend.
Mixed emotions/Should I Break Up With Him?
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