I need help... may have made a mistake that might end a renewed friendship?

I apologize for the novel, it's to provide some context. So I recently met with an old friend from high school. I graduated seven and a half years ago and she was a grade below me. One of the best female friends I ever had.

It was a "classic high school love story" where i had a crush on her in high school but never acted on it because I was shy and reserved then, and she apparently had one on me too but I was too dumb to see it. But regardless we were still close friends.

Now, seven years later, we found each other on facebook and met for the first time. I had no romantic thoughts at all and wanted to meet up with her. We hung out. Watched movies and made nachos and having innocent fun. But somewhere in all that we wound up joke flirting, innocent fun, then she jokingly smashed a cupcake on my face and I thought it was funny and we had a huge laugh. Then she started flirtatiously licking the icing off of me.

Stupid male brain and hormones suddenly went into overdrive and I totally fell for it that advance. We had sex several times before she had to go home. Now I feel bad and awkward because I let it happen... and obviously we are still friends but I dont know how to talk without coming off as desperate or needy, because I dont want her thinking I wanted her over for a one night stand. All I wanted was to hang out with an old friend.

Anyone have any insight on how to fix this?
23 d
*grammar correction: totally fell for that advance.
23 d
If anyone preaches the sex before marriage crap or mentions that men and women "cant be friends" I will remove your post.
I need help... may have made a mistake that might end a renewed friendship?
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