Does pulling away work?

I am 35, he is 60 will be 61 next month. I know that age plays a factor. All we are is close friends/neighbor who spend every weekend evening together. The funny thing is I spent 3 to 4 years avoiding him and finally these last few years I got to get to know him. Just recently we have been spending a lot of time together. My problem is he is hot and cold. He wanted to kiss me and I let him. He told me he would pursue me and said that he is the one for me. Then things changed and we couldn’t kiss or cuddle anymore because he wanted more. So that went on for a bit then it changed and we were back to making out. So now were back to no kissing and we can’t be together because of the age and he doesn’t want to have any children which I understand that. He says it’s a fight to keep his hands off of me whenever he is around me. So now the tables are turned and he doesn’t want a relationship. He is calling the shots and everything I say is no. He thinks he knows my feelings better than I do. He just gets me so angry.

So if I pull away what would you think would happen? This one time I pulled out of the driveway without texting him, he called me to see where I was going. He gets what he wants and a part of me thinks I should stop seeing him but I don’t want to lose the friendship. If I pull away I think maybe that will make him change his mind? Why does he want to keep everything the same? It should go back to the way our friendship was before; occasional texts, not on the phone daily like we do now and we see each other when were outside. Its something that I really don’t want but I am in love with him. He says he loves me but not in love with me. A while back he said he was in love with me but he denied it. He has been hurt so many time. I don’t think its fair its all his rules. Thanks for any input.
Does pulling away work?
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