I'm writing a song anyone care to help me out?

Title of the song is... I'm in love with a cheater.. I start off the chorus and the first verse then you guys ad your lyrics and see where it goes k? Ok then the vibe is coe and hank jr meets Garth Brooks... here goes nothing.(chorus)( lord help me I'm in love with a Chheatttterrrrrr... she cheating on me morning, noon and niggghhht... lm in love a with cheateeeer... can't you offer some good advice) .. v1.(lord knows at times I wanna killeeeererrr... heeeerrr thank God I'm not a woman beeaaatteeeerrrr... think about everytime i close my eyeeeessss images of my sweet loooovvvveee being trained by thirteeeeen guuuuyyyys )... now your turn no pun intended... go!!!
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Kill Joy's got it just imagine Garth holding that chhhheeeeattteeeree way down from diaphragm and meaning that shit come evvvverrryyy booodddyyy now. Lol
I'm writing a song anyone care to help me out?
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