Did my friend "put me in my place" for my own well being?

Imagine a friend of yours was crushing over someone they couldn't be with (said person is already taken). You knew they would never get together but so did your friend and as a consequence, they never tried anything other than to be polite and appropriate with their crush. One day, the crush does something REALLY nice for your friend. Again, undoubtedly because they were just being nice. Would you feel the need to remind your friend that it was just a friendly gesture and there was no other intention behind it?

A friend of mine did just that and I'm trying to understand why she would feel the need to. Maybe she worries I'm getting false hope or I'll make an idiot of myself and doesn't want to see me get hurt.

I hadn't been gloating but she could see it had made me happy and clearly felt the need to remind me there was no ulterior motive...

I just couldn't imagine doing that to someone. Especially if they had never acted on their crush up until this point and seemed to have their feelings under control. I'd let them enjoy that their crush had done something nice.

But maybe I'm being overly sensitive?

Could there be good intention behind her comment that I'm just not seeing?
Did my friend put me in my place for my own well being?
Did my friend "put me in my place" for my own well being?
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