Why does my boyfriend act this way?

Hi all,

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. The first year, he was great and into our 2nd year, things got a lot tougher for us but we’re still in love and happy.

But over the last year, my boyfriends attitude has changed dramatically. I don’t even know how to describe his behavior to be honest, but I have a few examples...

I have an exam today in my government class. I always feel confident before exams but I never do as well as I thought I would in this class. This is the last exam of the course and I want to get an A. So last night, I asked if I could stay over at his place since he lives on campus and I live over an hour away. I figured this would be easier to study and not have to worry about commuting and getting up early to come all the way back to take an exam that’s only going to be 45mins. At first he said no and said I needed to go home. I told him I would just sleep in the library because I didn’t see a point in going home if I had to come right back in the morning. He said okay, so he didn’t seem to mind if I slept in the library.

But then he changed his mind and says I can stay. So I said okay. I had barrowed a laptop from the library but we have to return them every 4 hours so he told me I could just use his laptop at his place if I needed it. So I study all night using my phone but I wanted to look over the book for my class which I need a laptop or computer to do. I ask him if I can use his laptop this morning and he says no, and says that I’ll break it. So I had to get dressed and walk all the way back to the library to use a laptop.

this is incredibly annoying to me. But he acts this way often. He won’t even let me touch the tv remote because he says I’ll break it. He won’t let me touch the air conditioner because he says I’ll break it. He has to turn the tv on for me because I’ll break the tv if I touch it. He treats me like I’m fucking 3 years old. Is something wrong with him?
Why does my boyfriend act this way?
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