My husband hid texts from an old girlfriend?

We've been together 20 years. I've always been a jealous person. There have been several times in our relationship that I felt he was hiding things but he always convinced me I was just being paranoid.

Tonight we were putting up our Christmas tree with our kids, drinking rum and listening to music. Great night until Mariah Carey came on. BARF! I grabbed his phone to skip the song and there's a new text, from a woman. Asking if he can talk along with a pic of a cocktail. I asked him who this was. He deleted the text immediately and looked panicked, but tried to play it off like no big deal. We finish the tree, kids go to bed, he heads for the basement. I confronted him and he admits he's been texting this woman. An old girlfriend from high school. He also tells me the "wrong number" text I got when I was using his phone a few weeks ago was actually this woman. They discussed it ahead of time and she knew to lie to me.

He swears the only reason he's been in contact with her is because she's in an abusive relationship and he's trying to help her out of it. I am sick to my stomach and I don't believe him AT ALL. Am I being unreasonable? Should I believe him?
10 mo
we have been in counseling and been doing very well. He told me he blocked her number and wouldn’t talk to her again. Then a few days ago I decided to look through his phone while he was sleeping. Her number was no longer blocked so I knew something was up. Sure enough her number was in his call history.

Tonight I was looking through his google activity history and there are multiple searches for love songs and searches for memes about “thinking about you “.
He’s got to be guilty, right?
My husband hid texts from an old girlfriend?
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