My boyfriend saw pictures of me and my ex?

Im with my boyfriend for almost 1 year and he knew I had only 2 relationships. But it was a lie, as I was talking to more guys during my lifetime but I just didn't want to tell him because he would judge me. And recently I gave him my fb pass as he had to go out of town for a few days and he found a conversation with my ex that I probably forgot to delete during that time! It was right before I met my current boyfriend, so no, I never cheated on my current boyfriend. But he saw a picture of us kissing and kept sending me that on messenger and told me that we look so cute and kept teasing me.

I wonder, does he feel jealous or hurt and won't show it? He got quite angry coz of the lie and claimed that he doesn't care about my past, but I feel he might be lying.. I feel really bad, I dont know how to approach the situation.
My boyfriend saw pictures of me and my ex?
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