Best ways to console my girlfriend in despair?

Best ways to console my girlfriend in despair?
My girlfriend had her worst day today.
Today at work she had to deal and see victims of a multiple car crash (she's not ER but the hospital is understaffed so they grab whoever they can, screw rules) and it wasn't pretty but she deals with that stuff every week. But the worst was that she was preparing an injection and her supervisor noticed that out of stress she had almost filled the syringe and way went over the prescription. The supervisor told her she would have overdosed the patient and killed him and shouted at her in front of everyone.
She came home in hysterics and I don't know what else to do.
She doesn't stop crying and I know this because her friend and colleague told me.
She was already pretty down in the last days or so and it's heartbreaking to see her break down like this.
Now I'm trying making hot cocoa and cuddle her a bit or do whatever she wants to make her feel better.
Any suggestion?
1 y
She just fell asleep some minutes ago, she was exhausted.
Tomorrow she's not working and I have the night shift so I can plan out a day just for us to make her feel better.
1 y
She's doing much more better today. We spent the morning at home and just cuddled and watched TV. We talked a bit about it but she was more serene about it although obviously she still has some worries and doubts I'm still trying to ease.
Thank you all for your wonderful answers and support, we wholeheartedly appreciate it!
Best ways to console my girlfriend in despair?
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