Have you ever ran away from love?

A question popped up on my screen this morning by @leahzrc 'what's holding you back?' and it triggered a chain of thoughts in my mind

I have so much love and kindness in my heart that I share with everyone around me. I have no enemies and I am extremely loved amongst family, friends and colleagues. I also done well and excelled in every field in my life.

But.. I keep running away from love. I think I fear intimacy. Men do approach me all the time though, but there is something in me that panics every single time. I never play with anyone's heart or lead them to believe that there is hope with me. I take pride of my honesty. I only wish I can open my heart one day. I truly honestly hope so.

No one understands what's wrong with me.. how could they? if I dont fully understand. The yurning of love is there in me but how can I make my heart surrender.

Am I alone in this?
Have you ever ran away from love?
Have you ever ran away from love?
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