Should I carry on putting in effort with him?

Okay so If you were dating a girl who you found really attractive and got along with and enjoyed being around them but you don’t want a relationship and you told her that you did not want a relationship with her. If she still kept on trying to see you and was putting in a lot of effort texting you trying to get you would it be a turn off? Would you give in if you found her very good looking? There’s a boy I want and I know he dosent want a relationship but even after our first date he said he really liked being around me and I started to kinda change his mind but he’s been distant these few weeks but I really wanna try with him and make it work. Would this be a turn off me asking to hang out and putting in effort consistently until we meet again. We have met 3 times so far. I mean I have nothing to lose. I don’t want a relationship with him I just enjoy his company as a friend and maybe just to get with him. We have planned to hang a few times but it got complicated as things came up for me and him. We have spoken sexually a few times and we do get along and are attracted to each other. I just don’t wanna turn him off by making him think I’m attatched to him which is what he fears from girls.
Should I carry on putting in effort with him?
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