Am I in the wrong for wanting my fiance to stop talking to her male friend?

I'll make this quick because I can go on! My fiance has a guy friend I've got two guys staring at her ass multiple times he was an employee for her for many years this guy also dated my ex-wife after they spit up whatever I did mine.. but with him checking out my my fiancee, with her saying that she wasn't stop talking him and she was talking him behind my back! He comes over when I'm not there his wife is uncomfortable with him being friends with my fiance. She feels the same way I feel. She has told me multiple times that she stopped talking to him, but still was regardless how I my feelings are towards it. This has been going on for four years. Today I told her this is it she needs stop talking to him! If this relationship means anything to you, please respect my feelings and cut ties with him! She got pissed off at me , she stood silent and upset she told me bye and went home. I feel there's a reason why they can't stop talking to each other I don't know if they had something going on in the past before us or she's messing with him. I try to trust her but she has lied that they weren't talking. one of the times I was holding her phone we went out on a date when she was in the bathroom her phone rang I looked and he was this picture he was calling I answered it he told me that she said to call her I noticed your phone was dinging a lot of my pocket prior it was him texting texting her. I should have read the messages but I didn't but the fact is if I didn't want to see what it said I would have known my reaction towards it once again that cause an argument like ark equus run we went our separate ways that night. I really don't want to get to get to a point where it's going to cause a physical altercation between me and him. I don't know what to do am I wrong for the way I feel? Am I wrong for not wanting him around my fiance? Or I'm just tripping like she says? I have cut all female friends I have off unless they were mutual friends between both of ours.
Am I in the wrong for wanting my fiance to stop talking to her male friend?
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Thank you everyone for your opinions, I really appreciate it. I have a lot of thinking I really to do.
Am I in the wrong for wanting my fiance to stop talking to her male friend?
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