Should we break up?

my boyfriend and I have been together almost 5 years. I moved to a new town to be with him and we own a house. Everything had been going perfectly, I was happy and made a life with him here until last year when we kinda began to feel as though we have different time frames of how we want our lives to go. I don't want kids yet but I am 27 and feel as though I'd be ready in 2/3 years time whereas he doesn't want them until he's much older (he's the same age as me) He also never wants to get married and is extremely set on that, I'm not too worried about getting married anytime soon but it would just be nice to know that I might some day. I sometimes feel a bit homesick too and often think about what it would be like to move back to be nearer my friends and family. I just feel as though we are floating through life and not working towards the same goals. We both really love each other, he is my best friend and we both agree that breaking up would be very very hard but why do I feel so unsatisfied all the time? Should we break up if we have different ideas on our futures? Will these feelings pass?
Should we break up?
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