Bf can't handle stress takes it out on me?

i just worked my last shift with my boyfriend last night we worked in a pub together he was recently promoted to manager, I was casual, I work at a nother pub now tho.

we broke up recently but he took me back saying getting a new job would help us. we have been together for 1.5 years.

he had a bit of a hard time the last 2 days at work. and took it out on me a bit, he was dropping me home and was cranky and tired at 2am and yelled at me, when I was wondering when we would catch up next, he says I was nagging and beein needy.

he said he had to get up at 7am to go surfing with his friends and would be staying the night. and he would see me Monday nght after dinner. orignially I was going to go out to dinner with him when we weren't in an argument.

i called him the today to ask y he was ignoring me, and he talked and was stressed out trying to organise his trip he obv didn't leave 7 in the morning and was still organising at 12.

i tried to call back he ignored me, so I put my number on private and he picked up, he said he knew before it was me and knew id be calling to argue and he was with friends.

i feel ignorned and now he says he Doesn't want to hang out tomorrow night. why does he take out all his stress on me and never want to hang with me.

he was complaing he has 50 hour work weeks works nights not days, and really wants to surf.

we are supposed to be making an effort to fix the realtionship I got a new job, but I don't see him making any effort.

NO I don't want to leave him, I would like advice to fix this, leaving is not what I want.

ANY advice please : xx

he said he would start putting more effort if I react like its not a big deal and just aceppt in a senario when he says he can't do something or a plan changes at the last minute. ?


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  • If you can, corner him when things are calm & insist that you HAVE to talk this out. If you can't, though, N he keeps it up, it'll only get worse. My BFF went through same thing & after 1 1/2 years (of that behavior, 4 years together) threw in the towel...


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  • YOU NEED TO LEAVE THIS JACKASS... unless you like being abused (make no mistake about it, he is abusing you)... why put up with this loser... fcuk the fear of being alone, etc... just leave this fool!

  • you need to leave him before he starts smacking you up


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