Distant relationship, how could I possibly make this work... ?

I'm currently in the army far away, got about 2 months left and then I get to return home.

So we started texting with this girl we have common friends with about a month ago, and there was so much chemistry between us, it's like we knew each other for years. I went back home on new year for holidays and I asked her out. She said yes, we went out, I brought her flowers and she loved them. We had a great time,
and still continued talking afterwards. We start chatting from the morning till we fall asleep at night, it's amazing. I haven't felt like that in years.

The thing is, not only are our cities 500km apart, which isn't a big problem for me atm but it's for her, she also works in hotels, and she wants to earn decent money, which mostly happens during season on islands. Long story short, she is afraid this won't work, she is adamant that long distance relationships usually don't last, but I know she really likes me, but she will probably leave for work around March.

I really want to give this a shot instead of wondering "what if we tried it", especially considering I will be there for the whole February, so I wanna ask her to spend some days together and see how it goes. It is not certain she will leave for an island, we know nothing for sure yet, so I really wanna give this a shot.

Should I pursue it?
Distant relationship, how could I possibly make this work... ?
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