Relationship help please?

Almost 3 years into our relationship now. I never really have spoken up much in the past and would have a hard time because I wouldn't want conflict, and would have a fear of losing him. Now here I am finally taking a stand. I have grown to the point that in order for this relationship to grow and for me to be satisfied, I need to share my feelings. So... that started today. This morning I expressed how I was feeling him to and boom right away he was so defensive. This in how the convo went...

GF: I feel unloved when you dont text me good morning when you wake up, hopefully you are up though! (I added a heart emoji at the end. I know he is up cause his work started shortly and he is always up early)

BF: Babe I woke up fucking late and I'm barely going to make it
Goodmorning (separate text)

GF: Ah my goodness, I understand babe, get to work safely!

BF: Don't send me texts like that just adding to my stress

GF: Well I have to express myself if I'm feeling a certain way. I'm not a mind reader, I couldn't have known the reason/you woke up late

BF: Don't assume then

GF: I didn't assume anything baby, I didn't assume why you didn't, I was just stating how it could make me feel that's all (emoji heart)

BF: Yeah and you didn't consider anything on my end
Talk to you later have a good one (separate text, and he never says that to me.. "have a good one")

GF: ...
It seems like your words are coming from a defensive place, it's not me vs. you. We're on the same side. I love you baby, talk to you later

- Now I can't talk to him until his lunch break. Also what I just noticed was that after I sent that text, he texted me concisely so he couldn't be driving (he doesn't text and drive). I said good morning to him, then an hour later sent that text in regard to how I was feeling... usually he is at work by then which he clearly was, maybe he just got there but thats not even the point here
10 mo
I dont feel emotionally close to him because I never share whats on my mind and my feelings. I'm trying to get there with him now. Today I finally feel like I have came to the realization that we actually need to fight in order to get to where we need to because for so long I avoided conflict and I avoided expressing my feelings because I know how defensive he can get: but that just left us in the same spot and in order for us to get to where I want to feel and where I want us to be,
10 mo
I'm a soft, gentle loving girl. I need a man to be sympathetic and caring towards me. He could have simply said, "Thank you for letting me know that. I'm sorry. I was running late today, I love you baby."
Relationship help please?
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