Girls, Would you be turned off your man if you found him crying?

I've been struggling a bit latetely with a few things and have also been super tired from working long hours and I've been stressed to the point of feeling physically ill.
Anyway, yesterday i had the day off but in the afternoon i had a bit of a anxiety/depression moment and just snapped a bit. Went into the shower, sat on the floor and just started crying.

In the meantime my girlfriend had come home from work and came into the bathroom to say hello and found me sitting on the floor crying. I was so embarrassed. She didn't say too much but she stripped down and sat next to me in the shower and sort of just hugged me and told me it was fine to just "let it all out" so i just sat there there with her and cried.

Then after that she ordered some pizza and we had a lazy night watching netflix for a while. But then when we went to bed she started asking me about it and it turned into a bit of a counseling session which eventually had me in tears in her arms again.

Today after the emotional release I feel so much better, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder.
But im really worried that seeing me cry and be all emotional like that will push her away from me and make her think im not tough and masculine etc.
Girls would an event like this turn you off your boyfriend?
Girls, Would you be turned off your man if you found him crying?
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