Do you ever find love scary?

Me and my boyfriend fell in love really quickly, it was slow at first because my boyfriend was to nervous to be physical with me but after month of dating we both fessed up but were crazy in love with each other after that it was abit of fairytale romance and still is after six months.

We are both crazy about each other, I've been in love before but never this strongly. He makes me so happy, we can't control are self's around each other. I just know he's the one im gonna be with for the rest of my life we are so close and connected. We really want to make are relationship into something more, we want to get married and have children, grandchildren and travel around the world together, support each others dreams etc.

Its just so terrifying thinking about what if something bad happens, i know neither of us would cheat and something terrible would have to happen for us to break up, it would break my heart and im not good with heart break at all it takes me years to get over. The biggest thing that scares me is when my boyfriend dies, it could come around whenever i will never know, it could be when he's gry and old or crossing the road tomorrow. I can't imagine life without him, he's everything to me.

I told him if something ever happened to me id want him to find happiness with someone else and but he seemed pretty stubborn but he wasn't going to do that and but he'd be secretary pissed if i cound someone new after he was gone, he said he knows that its selfish but its just how he feels and he can't help that.

It seems like a silly thing to worry about when were both so young at 21 and 26 but sometimes i lie in bed at night with it running through my head and it scares me so much.
Do you ever find love scary?
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