He broke up because he couldn’t commit after 7 years. Should I give up any hope and move on?

I was in a 7 year relationship. I’m 28 and he’s 29 turning 30. We had a conversation about getting engaged and he said he understood and that he did want that with me. Like any other relationship we have had our ups and downs. He’s someone who lacks affection. He would do it here and there but when he did do those actions they were really sweet and I appreciated them. Anyway, when I spoke about The next step I told him let’s decide by the end of the year. December came and the question was never asked. We spoke again and he asked to give him until mid January to propose that he was figuring something out at his job but that he was going to propose that it was going to happen. I said ok. Mid January came and he ended up breaking it up with me. He tells me how he hasn’t been happy, how I need someone who is emotional, he felt pressured, how he can’t commit. This broke my heart. He goes into saying he doesn’t want me out of his life and that if I ever need anything he’ll be there for me. I told him I didn’t want to see him that this was too hard and he got upset when I told him that. He’s not the type of guy to want to keep u around for sex. We have broken up before but we always have found our way back to each other. He tells me how he’s not sure if this is what he really wants but that is what he thinks he needs. That he isn’t closed to the idea of us doing this again and getting back together down the road but that he needs to figure things out. I found out his last relationship of 3 years ended because he wouldn’t propose either. He’s someone who wouldn’t stay this long if he really was unhappy or didn’t want this. I love him and deep inside know this isn’t something that can’t be worked on but I don’t want to give myself false hope. He left a couple of things in my apartment when he moved out And will get them later and we also share a dog. Should I just move on? is he suffering in away way? his family has told me he has kept quiet and is acting like nothing.
He broke up because he couldn’t commit after 7 years. Should I give up any hope and move on?
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