Was this the best reaction?

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago. It’s been a back a forth thing since. It’s just like neither of us want to let go but he knows he can’t have a relationship right now because he needs to fix issues he’s having in his life with depression etc. He started ignoring me and it really hurt me. After a few days of ignoring me I finally texted him something mean and said I can see why he can’t seem to maintain relationships. I texted again right away and apologized and explained I was just hurting, This really upset him and he finally responded and said hurtful things back like this past month has been better without me etc. It really hurt me to hear that. I can’t tell if he was just Trying to hurt me back. I responded and apologized and even said yeah I said something hurtful to hurt you cause I was hurt. I then said this past month has been really hard for me so for you to say it’s been better really hurts me, he then responded and said more hurtful things and said the truth hurts. I didn’t respond because I didn’t wanna keep this toxic hurting each other thing going. I’m going to let the dust settle.. I really care for him and want this to work.. do you think after time and space we could talk things out? Was it the best decision to just not respond? What he said hurt me and I can’t tell if he just said it because he knew he would hurt me.
Was this the best reaction?
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