My boyfriend has fallen to the money? What can I do?

He has changed. When I met him he was that very ambitious man, said he will make a 180 degrees change compared to what he lived through, said he will (figuratively speaking) move mountains in 10 years and I admired that in him. I have seen him as an idol to look up to to strive for success myself. He is the type of guy, who works almost 24/7 and uses his vacations to ace his studies or to work elsewhere to make some extra or solves other problems. It worked out good for both of us and I became much more successful too.

Until he reached the point, where he believes, that money is the top most important thing in the world and that without money the world stops spinning (figuratively of course). I mean I get it, he grew up dirt poor, survived poverty and starvation and had nobody growing up with and that left him very scarred. I feel he's overcompensating for that by now at the expense of his very own self. I do not want to stop him but I feel like he has literally sold his soul to mammon or satan in exchange for future big money and wealth. He literally works 70% of the time, sleeps 20% of the time and has fun maybe 5% of the time at most. Fun is what he spends the least time on and that includes going out with me.

As broken as he got out from growing up the way he did I am not sure what I should do. I never demanded his money or gifts because I love him so much and I make and spend my own money. But he's like the type, who doesn't mind being a loner and got poised with the obsession of money. Every day he is like that walking body, who see's nothing but money and maybe me too.

My boyfriend has fallen to the money? What can I do?
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