My boyfriend and I were broken up for a little over a year and rekindled. I know he was talking to some girl (she is in another country but was living close to him before she moved away- infidelity on her husband) when we weren't together, and that's fine. I noticed when he and I were just starting to hang out again she posted a kiss face on one of his IG photos which he didn't respond to (AUG 2019). Fast forward to now, he and I got into a little fight, he reached out to me and I decided to ignore him for more than what's acceptable. 11 days. When he and I talked I asked him if he reached out to anyone during that time and he said no. He asked him and my honest answer was no. I couldn't sleep that night and looked in his phone (terrible mistake, I know) and saw the day before I reached out to him he messaged that same girl at 2:30am and continued talking to her the next day. There had been no contact prior to that. Nothing sexual but it bothered me because he told me I never had to worry about her. etc etc. He said he had a dream about her and when he asked what is was he said "oh well i have dreams of friends in general" he also lied and said he broke his phone and lost her whatsapp number and she sent it to him (she lives in Mexico).

My question is: Should I be honest with him and tell him i went though his phone and didn't like how he reached out to that girl? or just let it slide considering we didn't speak for almost two weeks and were kind of rocky? I want him to know I know and work though it. But i know he will be angry i went through his phone. I gave him the chance to be honest and he didn't take it. Im really confused and need guidance. by the way we have been together since 2016 (off for that yearish break)
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