Dating a NON JEWISH guy?

I'm a Jewish girl. I am a bit perplexed regarding my love life. I have faced antisemitic abuse a lot so I have kept myself concealed at all times. While people know I'm Jewish and Israeli from my dad's side, I pretend to not associate myself with Israel or anything Israeli. I LOVE my dad and my grandma who still lives in Tel Aviv but I choose to keep this hidden.

My friends are hardcore leftists and socialists who regularly abuse Israel and hold views that Israel should be destroyed. BDS and academic boycott of Israel is supported by them and they wear badges dedicated to BDS proudly. My boyfriend is one of the members of this group. he's not Jewish.

NONE of them including my boyfriend have any interest in Jewish culture nor they show any interest in Judaism/Israel as a country.

While I dont support Israeli government actions, I dont hope for Israel's destruction. I have never said this because my friends abuse and hate anybody who says this.

Anyway - my boyfriend is from this group so you have him there

I was in love with someone who I now know is very interested in Jewish culture and religion. He has actively studied about my culture and religion and he's also presenting his MA dissertation on antisemitism. he's very tolerant of views and has NO hate against Jews or Israel. He doesn't support Israel's actions either but he says he will never use words like destruction as its wrong. He also seems very excited to see synagogues and has even worn the star of david bracelet which was given to him by his Jewish friend.

he's not Jewish either.

What should I do? Whom I should I choose? My friends or him?
Dating a NON JEWISH guy?
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