Do you think of someone special from your past?

The female who was the first, she'd gone into full social justice warrior since then, must be level one or two ascended by now.

Thought we'd got on like a house on fire, but after a week or two I got dropped like yesterday's news, was probably longer ago than some of you have been alive.

Tender age of 18, met her at the college in our Eastern religions class. She'd asked my name after class, got me to swing by a shindig she'd be attending.

Women asking men as if they were men, must be some utopia to a jive turkey like myself, little had I known this was my exception and not the rule.

Everyone gets a kick out of it now, there goes old newblinds, saving all the women from themselves all these years since, the men don't need no fear sending the ladies to newblinds.

I'm just on this here ranch, never did finish college, got a metal cup for drinking soot black coffee, and two clear eyes when the sun rises.
Do you think of someone special from your past?
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